Thursday, July 14, 2011

Favorite Lyrics

Back in my instant messaging days, I would often use music lyrics as my away messages.  It was good because you can find a lyric to match any mood or feeling.  I feel the same way today, and although the lyrics I would use for my "away messages" would be slightly different, these few are still fun.

This one was one of my favorite things to post on Saturday mornings:
It's by Eels and it's called "Saturday Mornings"
Saturday morning
And who's gonna play with me
Six in the morning baby
I got a long long day ahead of me

And this one was fun because they sounded like real directions... only I had no idea where they began or ended.  It's "Your Name Here/ Sunrise Highway" by Straylight Run.
Go east on Sunrise Highway,
Turn left at Carman's Avenue,
Go right at the first stoplight,
And I'll be outside waiting for you
Sometimes, I would even get responses from one friend in particular about where this was or where we could meet instead.  I enjoyed the mindless banter and found comfort in the quirkiness, and my cunning cryptixes.

One of my favorites comes from the Maroon 5 song "Tangled".
You're just innocent
A helpless victim of a spider's web,
And I'm an insect
Goin after anything that I can get.
So you better turn your head and run
And don't look back...
I was once described as being cryptic.  I would definitely use random thoughts, imagery, and music to get my point across, and a lot of the times, I could be pretty vague.  It's a gift really.  :)  At any rate, this lyric is rather poignant and sharp, and I can remember the feelings I was experiencing when I would post this.  Oh man, what a place I was in!  lol.  And as I read this now, I believe I had the roles reversed.  I think at the point when I would use this, I wanted to believe that I was the spider... when I was really the helpless insect.  But then again, I was naive enough to get things mixed up.  Silly me!

Today, it would be something like "People say I'm a dreamer... but I'm not the only one." by John Lennon.  It's gone less towards the searching and waiting for others and more towards the inspiration, love, happiness (and sometimes even cryptic still), and etc... 

And last but not least (and another applicable to ::today::), yet another from Straylight Run, but like I mentioned recently, this band tends to speak to me, and this quote in particular rings true.  It's from the song: "Mistakes We Knew We Were Making".
So we bottled and shelved all our regrets,
Let them ferment and came back to our senses,
Drove back home and slept a few days,
Woke up and laughed at how stupid we used to be.

And maybe it's because I feel like I've grown up in the past years, but this music has grown and changed with me.  It goes away, and then comes back with new meanings and a new worth.  And as I reflect on these old "away messages", I can reflect on that time in my life, put all of those regrets on a shelf and move on.  And then I came back to my own senses, and can look to the future, and to the new set of songs to be sung!

And this is the little case that hold all of those songs.  My ipod home!

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