Monday, July 25, 2011

Rain Drops

I decided to do a "texture study" this week.  I'm taking a cue from my 'Intro to Art' class and am giving myself a momentary expanse of focus.  I am allowing myself the opportunity to explore a daily "inspiration" (as it were) instead of waiting until the last minute for it to come to me, sometimes in a fit of panic.  :)  I am challenging myself to be [more] aware of the textures around me, and will find inspiration in their differences, at least for this week.

That being said, the rain today was amazing!  Most days, I prefer the sun.  But there is something to be said about a hard morning rain.  And it was pouring!  I love it!  And then, it was okay that it was rainy and cloudy the rest of the day.  It was particularly gloomy, or sad.  It was refreshing and energetic!

::This is the sort of rain that I love!::

And as we were driving home, the rain drops on the hood of the car stood out.
And bam, there's the texture.  Shiny, wet, reflective.

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