Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Southern Cooked Dinner


Oven-baked Chicken
Homemade Creamed Corn
Fried Okra
'Crock Pot' Snap Peas
Southern Cornbread
Sliced (garden grown) tomato

Mmmmm!  Fried okra
Slow cooked snap peas.

Chicken, Corn, Okra
We ate high on the hog tonight!  What started as this weekend's impulse buy and yesterday's evening project, turned in to a day of cooking for my mom, and an amazing dinner!  Talk about good-ole-southern-cooking!  The okra was the best I've ever had, and everything was soooo yummy!  And it was great to sit at the table and hear her reminisce about childhood, cooking, and cornbread.  I remember watching my great-grandparents sit at a table and eat a bowl of cornbread and buttermilk.  As a kid, I was pretty put-off.  As an adult, I'd be willing to try it (maybe) as long as it was mom's cornbread... and I didn't have to smell the buttermilk.  :)

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