Monday, July 11, 2011

Road Driving

The parking lot was deserted.  The only car was parked in front of the open front door.  Other than that, and the painted "open" side that lay against the curb, there were few signs of the store being open. With little reserve, and with a sense of adventure, the couple stepped towards the open door.  Right away, the must hit them.  The lights were off and the only air circulating was what was coming through the front door.  The floors creaked, the dust had settled, and the energy seemed disturbed with it's new occupants.  Glancing around, a whole miss-match of eclectic artifacts could be found.  Mostly Native American relics, the trinkets and memorabilia had lured them in like moths to a flame, but it was the sense of staleness that had made the room stand out.  The couple started, rather cautiously, to the right... passing old pots, jewelry, and other Native American handiwork.  And it was through the exploring of the goods that they both realized that ::this:: is one of the things that makes road trips so much fun!


And it's definitely one of my favorite things to do, even if it does make the schedule a little whompy.  I am one to be distracted by the promise of souvenir gifts, Indian River fruit, and shells.  And lucky for me, Gary was willing to appease my wantings to stop... a few times.  :) 

We are officially home!  Today's drive seemed to take a whole lot longer than the drive going down, but it was still great!  We got to see some rain, some sun, and a whole lot of people traveling just like us.  And it's good to be home! 

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