Thursday, July 7, 2011

Miami Day One

Up and atem at 5:30 and out the door by 6:15.
Managed to pack all of the clothes for the weekend, as well as 4 pairs of shoes into my pink duffel (much to Gary's shock mind you...).
We made it to Miami by 4:30, got checked into the hotel, and went out to explore and dine.

Oh, and on the way, we found the rain.  I don't remember at what point it started getting really cloudy, but all of the sudden, fluffy white things filled the sky, and then they started transitioning to flat, dark gray sheets, with little gray and lower tufts of clouds sporadically placed.  As we got closer (and how couldn't we quite frankly with them right in the way?), those gray sheets of clouds made the sky fall out of the ::sky:: and the rain happened.  It was really intense a few times, mediocre a few, and then drizzly and temperamentally rainy the rest.  But, according to the weather forecast, today will hopefully be the worst in terms of rain, so I'm not worried.  And plus, it'll be interesting to see Miami in a different light.

For lunch, we stopped at one of the service plazas along the Turnpike.  Lucky for us, Chicken Kitchen is located at the 3rd one down, so we were able to get our Chop Chop fix before we got to Miami.  So for dinner, we went to Shorty's.  This is one of the best BBQ joints that I have ever discovered.  You come in and are seated at long picnic tables with condiments and rolls of paper towels sprawled (eloquently of course) on the tables.  And instead of asking if we want an appetizer with our drink order, the server asks you if you want some corn.  Here, corn on the cob is the appetizer and it comes soaking in a pool of butter, and it is fabulous!  For dinner, I got the pulled pork plate, and Gary got the pork steaks.  We both have at least half of our meals left.  Luckily, our hotel room has a fridge.  :)  It's a great local place to eat and it was the perfect place to go after our long drive down.  And it was neat because we chatted with this older gentleman who shared some onion rings with us after confirming that it was in fact Thursday (not Monday or Tuesday) and that it wasn't the 14th yet.  He is an ex-cop who had a lot to say about the traffic in Miami, his 4 ex-girlfriends, and extra-curricular activities as a teenager that has affected his mind now.  He was really nice, and it was endearing to be able to chat with him for a bit.

After dinner, we drove around his old neighborhood and then we came back to the hotel and are watching Burn Notice and Suits.  I'm enjoying the paradox of watching a show that was filmed in Miami, while in Miami... lol.

Toodles to all!

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