Thursday, June 30, 2011

Plaster Planter

They told me it would never last.  Brittle and fragile plaster doesn't mix well with water... even when it's coated with acrylic paint and a sealing spray.  The outside elements are just too much for it, and if you leave it out there it will disintegrate.

And so it has begun.  Five years (or so) in the making, the distressing has officially begun.  Well I suppose it has ::been:: going on, but now it's starting to look really cool!

I thought about planting something in it.  It's not very deep, but it's sizeable and would look neat holding a cute plant.  But then there's the whole "doesn't mix well with water" thing... and I don't think the planter would be very happy with me if I did that to it... 
And so, it just sits there. 
Happily.  :)

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