Monday, June 27, 2011

Funny Cucumbers

First, we had one lovely cucumber.  It looked normal, similar to what you'd find in the grocery store (minus the shiny coating) and tasted good.
And then, production seemed to stop.  Leaves and runners still grew, but little baby cucumbers were no where to be found... where were the cucumbers?
Recently, I repositioned the vines to tangle upon itself, and then more cucumbers started to grow.  And there are quite a few growing, but they sure are funky looking...  there are 3 that are about a foot long, but they are curly, and heavier on one side.  And then there are the smaller ones that are skinny in the middle, or again, heavier on one side, and then there are more little ones.

It's funky.  I'm leaving them on the vine till they turn green-er, or take a turn for the worse.
I wonder if they taste normal?  lol.

a long 'un

the dumbbell

hangin' over the edge

a visitor

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