Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anne Geddes Tomato

I decided it would be a good idea to "batten down the hatches" (as it were) on my tomato plant cages.  Usually, whenever we have a storm or the slightest gust of a strong wind, the tomato plants and their cages would be half way to the deck... it was sad.  lol.  So, twine has become my new best gardening friend.  I have it so jerry-rigged, and each day, when I go out and see it leaning a little here or there, I will tie another spot with twine and secure it down.  In was in the midst of this that I discovered a whole little area of tomatoes that are beginning to turn, and one (a sungold cherry) that had turned orange!  Tres exciting!  :)  I decided a photoshoot was in order, and came out with a oh-so-cute Anne Geddes-esque sort of composure.  hehe.

The largest tomato is ::finally:: starting to turn.  I swear it's been green and roughly the same size for weeks now.  But in the last two days, magic has happened, and it's starting to get some color in it's cheeks. 

As you can see, I've created a forest.  The tomatoes are soaring over me (by at least a few inches anyways), the squash leaves are still large and long, the cucumber is grabbing on to any and everything in it's path - running and twisting around the squash, the geranium, and even the deck rails.  It's cute!  We have little peppers on their way, and the herbs are doing great.  The cilantro is looking a little wilty, but I think the heat is getting to it.  I've harvested 3 squash over the last week, and it looks like we've a few cucumbers on the way... they are looking mighty funny though, so we'll see how they do.

All in all, the garden is great!  I'm proud of the little baby vegetables, and am excited to see all of these tomatoes turn!

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