Sunday, June 12, 2011


I took a nice long shower tonight... a simple indulgence that I allow myself every now and then.  And if I'm feeling extra [blank], I'll take a bath with a "bath  bomb" or "bubble bar" from Lush - for those times when I really want to slip into another world.  But for tonight, I just wanted to stand under the shower.  Maybe it's all of the rain we've had lately, or rather the little storms that are teasing us, that hearkens to my desire to play in the rain, and thus, I played-in-the-rain in the shower.

For now, that's my excuse.

And while I realize this picture has nothing to do with my post, the pictures I had in today's grab bag didn't match anything I really wanted to talk about, and what I did end up talking about had no picture to remotely match, so you get randomness!  :)

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