Thursday, June 16, 2011

making time to read

For the sake of tackling my real-life reading materials, this is going to be short and sweet.  I just got a new magazine today (Real Simple - July), and I am in the midst of reading a book (a real one and something on the Kindle), and I have oodles of party/wedding/gifting/and etc research to do.  So, if I can get focused, stay off silly websites that seem to hold captive my attention span, avoid all-too-interesting ones that would love to be "pin-ed", and give myself a goal and a time limit, I might actually make some progress.  lol.  Oh, and not to mention, we are coming to the tail end of our moving fiasco... and we are now under the wire.  Just two short weeks before everything has to be spic-and-span and we still need to "spic" and "span" quite a bit.  We have made progress though!  All of the big pieces are over here, and my bulletin board is up (yay!!), so it's just a matter of getting ::everything else:: into boxes, into the car, and here.  And poof!  As long as they are over here, I wouldn't have to worry about the whole getting-them-over-here part.  And the silly part is that I have projects that I add to my day on a daily basis.  And a few of them are crafting ones, and since I have less-than-accessible crafting areas now, my next goal is to find a [cheap] and measurementally-inclined table that I can designate solely as my craft table.  And what's even better is that on the note detailing the table that I want (with a drawn sketch of said table mind you), there is a note saying "keep top of table cleared off".  And I am serious about this!  lol.  I don't want anything on the tabletop... nothing can rest there... and if it does, it must prepare to be pushed off.  I need one space of ::nothingness:: so that I can sit there every now and then and focus on it and smile.  So yes, that's my next find.  After that, I can hopefully get my craft on!  I've two wedding gifts to work on, two baby gifts to work on, a gift for a fundraiser, invitations, and etc.  Thinking of these things make me happy, but alas, my fun crafting things are still at the place that has to be moved, and then we need the table to craft on.  The desk is already ::holding:: more things than I want it to... but I guess it's okay to be in a state of mess whilst moving abounds.  At least we're busy right?  Busy everywhere actually!  Work, home, play... all sorts of business to keep us occupied until at least next May (and I'm not even joking, and nor am I complaining).  I like to think that I thrive in business... I just think of it as little goals set closely together.  If anything, it's a lesson in time management, organization, prioritization, and creativity.  What can I say, (well I'm sure I've said it...) I like a challenge!

And with that, my play time is over. 
I'm off to read!  Yes!!!! 

This is a helix.  I made this at work today.  It's actually box lids stacked upon each other in a spiral.  But calling it a helix is so much more alluring and interesting, dontcha think?  :)

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