Sunday, June 26, 2011

(very dainty) breakfast

I enjoyed my "music week" on my blog!  It was nice to go into it with an idea already in mind, and it made me more aware of the music I was experiencing on a daily basis.  So much so that next time I do a 365 Project, I'm thinking about doing a "music year".  I figure there's more than enough music for me to talk about, and that would give me some direction to boot.  :) 

This weekend was exhausting.  We are almost done "spic and spanning" the old place, and have everything piled up here.  It feels kinda like an episode of "hoarders", I'm not gonna lie, but that just motivates me more to get everything out of the boxes asap and into their respective places.  The placing and replacing of items is one of the better parts of moving.  Everything else isn't.  And goodness forbid we ever decide to move in this heat and humidity ever again.  Summer is not the right time... but three other groups in our building were doing the same thing.  :)  #gluttonsforpunishment

Last night, our nice summery dessert was to be pound cake, whip cream, and fresh strawberries, but when dessert had to be postponed, our summer delight became a very dainty breakfast.  But it was lovely!  It made me want to put on my fancy hat and gloves and sit outside at a cute little dining set, and sip some tea.  It was that dainty!  "Fancy Nancy" would be proud.  And it was a nice precursor to the rest of the day... because that was very much so less-than-dainty.

But anywho, this week promises to be a long one as well.  I am already looking forward to the weekend!  :)  It should be good though...!  Adieu.

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