Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Clean space!

Today when I came upstairs, my amazing husband had cleaned off my new (to me) desk!  There is ::absolutely nothing:: laying on top of it, aside from the random cat every now and then, and I cannot wait to sit there and craft!!  Such a great space, and I am obviously so excited!

And it's clean!  Real-live-clean-space!!!  Woot!  :)


Pics of the kitties enjoying the nice smooth surface:

And it's such a good thing because I have a few projects that I need to work on this weekend.  I think one of the biggest catalyst to my creative ability is the space you create in.  And I think that my ::space:: has been so out of whack lately, that my creating ability has been quite limited.  Now that I have an actual crafting table/desk/space, I will be able to put all of my supplies in it (close at hand), and I will be able to sit and craft.  SO excited!

Let the crafting begin!


Speaking of "catalyst", Anna Nalick has a great song called "Catalyst"!
Check it out if you are so inclined!  ;)

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