Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Phone Camera Identity Crisis

Most days, I have to say, my most convenient photography apparatus is my phone camera.  The accessibility of it is hard to beat, and for the most part, it takes pretty decent pictures.  Today, after taking plenty of random pictures and reviewing them, I came to the conclusion that my phone camera reminds me of a 35mm point-n-shoot.  There's no zoom capabilities, it focuses on whatever it wants to, and the color is pretty washed out.  It's great if you're going for those desired effects, but less so if you're wanting to document detail, color, or anything in low[er] lighting. 

Luckily for me though, I'm enjoying ::fudging:: the pictures and messing with the balance, contrast, and color saturation....

And so...


... and reflection
Oh, and here is a reference point for the size of the squash plant.  My flip flops are down in the left corner of the picture.  The leaves are at least double the size of the shoes, and it's almost as tall as me.  :)  Yesterday, the squash plants were pretty sad.  It looked as if an animal had climbed into the plant, made a nice little nest in the dirt,and slept there for a few hours.  The majority of the leaves were sad-like and droopy.  Today, they are much happier!  And we've about 5 baby squash that should be ready in a few days.  Honestly, I think the plants are happier when I water them at night than in the morning, which is great, because there's hardly ever enough time for me to do anything extra in the morning (and that's on my days off).  But anywho, garden world is doing great! 

This picture makes me smile!

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