Monday, June 6, 2011

Writing Utensils as Artistic Aspirations

In my efforts to find a close writing utensil, I found myself in the closet looking through my old art kits that I hadn't yet explored to their fullest extent.  A Chinese painting kit, watercolor kit, and a cartooning kit amongst the others.  Ah yes!  I reached for the cartooning kit, what with it's 12 ::fancy:: colored pencils, and ::official:: cartooning pen, surely I would find an utensil to my liking...

I obviously have major high hopes in the progression of my artistic capabilities.  Master watercolorist, Chinese painter, and (but-of-course) comic book illustrator!  A small list, yes, but a list nonetheless.  And the thing is, I even have a book to illustrate, and maybe someday, it will be illustrated, and then I can use a book publishing website like to put it all together, and put it on our coffee table and revel in our combined awesomeness.  Yes, that is the end-result-goal!

For now though, I will take pictures of the colored pencils (that will one day make masterpieces) and amuse in the fact that they are serving their own distinct purpose.  And that cannot be denied.

In other news, I harvested my first squash today!  It was hiding in the back of the plants until I discovered it almost fully grown a few days ago, and today, I decided that it was ready!  And so, I picked it, documented it, chopped it, and put it in our salad.  And it was lovely!  Yay for homegrown veggies!  OH, and we have teeny red peppers (well at least the tag said they are going to be red) growing!  Tres exciting!!  They're so cute!!

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