Friday, June 10, 2011

Stay Awake

If you visit your local Caribou Coffee, you will probably be bombarded with their marketing campaign asking you "What are you staying awake for this summer?".  It's on the walls, it's on the cups, and its purpose is to make you think about how drinking Caribou coffee could help you stay awake for those important summer memories (or at least I presume that's the meaning they are trying to get across).  What I like about the campaign is that you get to experience other people's necessary adventures for the sake of summer, while imagining your own summer-worthy-ness-es.

On my cup, for example, the first one that caught my eye was the word: Velociraptors, with the caption of "lurking in the shadows" with little raptor-esque eyes drawn beneath.  Thinking about it, yes, I believe that that would be a good thing to stay awake for.  lol.  Others include "uncontrollable laugh attacks", "wheel'n and deal'n at garage sales" and etc.  You know, important stuff that would seriously define someone's summer.

For me, I think my [reason to stay awake this summer] would say something along the lines of "watching my garden grow", or "roasting mallows by the campfire" , or "planning the next great escape".  At any rate, it would be something that was important to me, and defining of my summer.  And as I sit and ponder, my "summer importants" list grows.

What are you staying awake for?

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