Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Today we finished cleaning out our apartment.  Everything is out!  The floors have been swept and vacuumed.  The bathroom is all shiny-like, and the kitchen smells like "Orange Clean".  The walls are sanded and spackled, and the blinds are down and shut (so unlike us). 

It was definitely bittersweet.  I think it really hit me the other day when we took down all of the pictures off the walls.  It looked so bare then, and now, with nothing in it, it doesn't feel right at all.  We took a few moments and just stood there in the empty space.  We had some great times there, but change is a good thing!  And we are where we need to be right now!


On the way home, I started thinking about where we might end up next.  What circumstances would lead to another change?  Right now we are with Madre.  Things are good!  We are settling (and creatively arranging) everything we need into our studio apartment upstairs.  It makes me think we could handle living in New York quite well... what with the ability to define space and rethink the use of the closet and all.  lol.  I wonder if we will ever move back into an apartment, or maybe our next move will be into a house of our own?  I can't help but wonder.

One thing for sure though that we have decided is that the next move will be our last!  Such a long experience when you are doing the majority of the work yourself... but we did it, and I dare say we grew closer because of it.  It has definitely been an experience, but one that has been very good.  But still bittersweet.  Our first apartment together.  Our first taste of independence.  Surviving on our own, together.

And while the future is uncertain and there is no way of knowing what tomorrow will bring, there's one thing I know for sure...
Home is where Gary is.
I can't imagine being anywhere without him.  He is my everything, and is the one person that I am closest to.  I love him so much!

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