Sunday, May 15, 2011

Whimsy Cucumber

My cucumber plant is making me so happy right now!  Not only is it ::growing:: and blooming all over the place, but it has these little runners that shoot out in the hopes of grabbing on to something and twirling around.  Well, one little runner did find something to latch on to and managed to twirl itself around a trellis spindle a few times, and has almost finished tying itself in a knot - and this is completely without any coaxing on my behalf, which makes it even better..  It's so cute, and being that I've never grown them before, the whimsy-ness of it, makes my day!  Such a cute plant, and I am looking forward to the cucumber-y goodness that will be growing from the vines.  :)


So far, I think I've located blooms and the beginning of "fruit" on almost all of the plants.  There is even a little baby pepper growing - tres exciting!  And I've moved the geranium over behind the German Queen and the Cucumber.  I don't think it was getting enough love over in the corner, and here it's more visible, gets more sun, and will be more prevalently watered.  It should definitely be more happy!  We also picked up a "Wandering Jew" this weekend.  This is one of my favorite plants (it reminds me of my Grandma) and the deep purples offer some nice contrast!  I put it behind the other tomatoes and the petunias.

The herbs are all doing really well, and the newbies seem to be fitting in quite well.

I'm just ready for the heat of the summer... I think all of the plants are looking forward to it as well!
Adieu for the evening!  :)

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