Saturday, May 21, 2011

Laugh A Lot

Tonight for dinner we went to One. Midtown Kitchen.  I had been here once before and loved it, and wanted Gary to have a go at it.  We were both equally impressed let-me-tell-you.  But there was one thing that made us chuckle a bit, and that was the size of the bite that we were able to construct from our cheese platter.  The platter came with 5 slices of different ::fancy:: cheeses, a tiny log of compressed pumpkin bread (Yummy!) and some Mostardo (an Italian jello-like accoutrement).  Well, by the time I had sliced up my slice of pumpkin bread (which was seriously no more than 3 inches long, and about an inch tall and wide), added a dab of mostardo, and a bit of cheese, I had a "bite" of food no larger than about an inch square.  See below.

The interesting thing though was that it was absoultely amazing!  That little bite took all of those complex flavors and melded them into one amazingly sweet and savory bite of goodness that had you begging for more.  And luckily, we were able to oblige... for a few more bites at least. 


Oh, and this is a picture of the window latch next to our table.
Charmingly enough, the inscription on the weathered latch reads "Bliss".

Oh, and you need to go here!
The food is amazing!  (The crispy soft shell crabs were fantastic!)
The staff is very helpful and witty!
And the atmosphere is incredibly romantic!

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