Tuesday, May 10, 2011

They're coming!

Gasp!  There are tomatoes living in my garden!!!
The first little buds of the season always make me sooo happy!

So far, we have 1 Jet Star tomato baby (pictured below - bigger than the size of a quarter), and three little Lemon Cherry tomato buds (pictured below that - pea sized). 
First "Jet Star" baby.

First "Lemon Cherry' babies.
And there are blooms everywhere!!!  Yesterday, I didn't get to look at them really good because it was dark when we got home, but even through the darkness, I could tell that they had grown a lot!  Today, I made it a point to get home before the sun went down.  I gave everything a good watering, turned all of thee containers except for the main tomato one - because it's tooo heavy to move, and gave them a good once over.

Everything is looking so great!  The only things I'm remotely unsure about are the pepper plants, but we'll see how they do as time goes on.

Yay!  Be happy!

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