Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Think Deeply

I think one of the most important things is the ability to hold a conversation.  A real conversation with words, deep thoughts, interaction, and communication... it's a really special thing.  And every now and then, a situation happens and a group of people evolve into the realm of ::real conversation::.  I had one of these moments today.  I was at work, and all of the sudden, a conversation occurred... not that conversations don't happen on a daily basis, but this conversation hearkened upon deep thinking and reminded me a bit of my college studies.

In college, I enjoyed classes the most that were very liberal and challenged the beliefs I grew up with.  I could see a new perspective that made complete sense to me, that I had never encountered before that moment, and I was hooked.  I would gravitate towards these liberal-thought classes and delighted in my ability to appreciate them.  It was great!  I left college with a new sense on the world, on people, on religions, and on my own beliefs.  It was liberating and life-changing.

But then life happened.  And while everything I learned in college was amazing, it somehow did not seem to fit in my world.  It's strange, and while it's taken me a quick minute to come to terms with it, I'm comfortable with where I am now.  I definitely still have those thoughts, and can appreciate a liberal point-of-view, but can also recognize a conservativeness.  I think there is a balance between the two that I tend to encompass.

And that's on a daily basis.

I think things happen that make you challenge your own beliefs.
And in handling them, you grow, you reflect, and you define yourself.
And I think that that in itself is a conversation.

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