Friday, May 6, 2011

Cat's Eyes

If Sophie is the uber-conservative Republican resident committee member, I must be the liberal aunt, visiting from somewhere like California, or Utah, practicing things like crystal worship, veganism, and accelerated happiness. At least that's how I imagine her seeing me. Not only do I badger her by "talking back" to her, but I've brought the cousins - the two little ones named Pickles and Cornbread. Silly humans, she must think.

And not only did I bring the little ones, but I had the audacity to think that Sophie would play nice. She has been less-than-welcoming to say the least. It's interesting though because when Peanut was here, I would have called Sophie the "bullied one. I don't think she ever warmed to the idea of there being other animals in the world - at least not to the idea that those other animals should live where she lives. Which creates the problem. Peanut would torment her yes, but I believe Peanut might have actually been training her, because now, she is quite the bully. And it's only been a week. She has already chased Cornbread into her bedroom after he dared venture downstairs, and today, when I opened the door, she was right there... just waiting for a chance to see a cat, and jump. And another time, I had the door open and Cornbread was standing there, looking over the stairs. And then he started hissing, and low-and-behold, Sophie came right up the steps, and just-as-she-was-lunging-towards-Cornbread, I stepped in front of the door between her and Cornbread, and asked her what she thought she was doing. She stopped right at the threshold, her tail fluffed to about 3 times it's normal size, and retreated. Poor Sophie. It's must be hard on her... but at least she's still getting treats.

And then, to add to the whole stressful situation, we had a kitty visitor. Today while I was out tending to the garden, I heard this "meow" and this huge tabby was on the porch with me. He's been around before - super sweet, and loves to be petted for as long as you have to pet him. Well, I had left the door open, and I didn't know if Sophie was in or out, so I went over to close it to kept him from going in, and then went back to Tabby, to pet. A few moments later, I see Sophie run over to the closed door in a panic - arched back and slightly shaking while looking at the new kitty. I jaunted over, opened the door for her before Tabby could see her and let her in. And once she was safely in, and there was a piece of glass separating her from the outside, she watched. Sure, she's pretty brave when there's a separation. Side note: Cornbread was also watching. He was sitting on the windowsill, a story above the deck, fearfully watching the new activity below. He seemed to be okay though.

I think they will all be okay eventually.

So yea, Sophie is the conservative Republican. She knows her land, and will defend it. She is not afraid to get all-up-in-your-face and let you know that you are not welcome. She is wary of new-comers and relies heavily on the comfort of a familiar face, and even then, she may not like to talk to you.
I am the liberal Liberal. I am open-minded and willing to accept all cats. I embrace the idea that everyone can be friends, and almost encourage face-to-face time.
Tabby is the sweet foreigner. He has no qualms about visiting foreign territory, and will happily make himself at home. He likes to strike up random conversations and shows a lot of affection. I would dare say he's Italian. It seems to fit him.
And Pickles and Cornbread are the young soldiers, in enemy territory. They are still getting their bearings, and are quite fearful of the natives. Due to their young nature, they are easily swayed by their elders and aren't willing to cause opposition - at least not yet. I think that once they get their scent all over their room, and get less fearful that Sophie is going to bother them, things will get much better.

There has been significant improvement with Pickles. Gary used his "Gary Therapy" and was able too get Sophie to come out from under the bed for the first time (as far as we know) on Wednesday night. She went potty, ate some food, and explored the bath time - 7 times. She still spends the majority of her day under the bed, but is coming out every now and then, and has even found the window sill. She is afraid of the ceiling fan, but that too shall pass.

And Cornbread is good! I'm surprised actually that he is doing so well. He walks around quite timidly, but is being brave! He likes the bathroom counter and the windowsill, and was even sleeping on the bed this afternoon, all by himself. I believe he enjoys being able to see outside while in bed.

And if I was a cat, I'd like that too.

Good times!!! :)

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