Monday, May 9, 2011

Mirror Mirror

Every now and then, I find it's a good idea to sit and reflect... especially if you happen to find yourself in front of a floor-length mirror at 10:37 pm on a Monday night.  Yes, a good time for reflection indeed.

Sitting in front of this window, I am reminded of this book I read when I was in Middle School.  I had a strange fascination with paranormal things and delighted in books that featured ghosts, haunted spirits, secret passage ways, and magical mirrors.  It was a great way to escape, and lucky for me, there were just enough books out there featuring those subjects to satiate my palette. 

One such book I remember featured a magical mirror and a parallel world on the other side.  I don't really remember the details, but it was something along the lines of a trapped soul inside the mirror, and if the symbols were touched right or some other non-scary-but-still-intense-for-a-7th-grader thing happened, the trapped soul who trade places with the "human" and the "human" would be stuck inside the mirror for an indefinite time until some other non-scary event happened.  there was some sort of deceit, a feeling of betrayal, and a genuine worry (on my behalf) that this poor girl would never get out of the mirror.  And even though I don't remember how it ended, I'm fairly certain the girl got out, the soul was released, and the mirror was no longer magical.  When I imagine how a book for a 7th grader, that ending seems sufficient.

Needlesstosay, that book has ::mostly:: stayed with me for the better part of 13 years or so.  Something about magical mirrors and parallel worlds has always captured me.  Just now, I am also reminded of "Labyrinth", "Pans Labyrinth", and of course "Alice and Wonderland".  They all have the same general sort of storyline.  I poor, trapped soul longing for something else embarks upon a fantastical journey with no sort of realistic connection, and yet, to them it is real.  It hearkens to me!  (hearkens? eh...)

And I think that's where the reflection comes in.
And I drawn to these stories and ideas because I too am a soul longing for a  fantastical journey?  Or is it that I just enjoy the things that make up dreams.  Yes, I believe that could explain why I've always enjoyed dreaming... (for the most part) they haven't been way far-fetched or too much, but sometimes just enough of a taste of the fantastical to keep me wanting more.

And I do. 
And in that sense, sweet dreams!

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