Sunday, May 29, 2011

Camera Phone High Art

You know, close up, these pictures of my cats don't look like much.  They're grainy, off-color, and pretty poorly composed.  They were taken with my camera phone in low lighting, and as much as I can love the convenience of my camera phone, I have to admit, it does not adapt well, and pictures taken in low light appear grainy.  And dark.  And funky. 

However, if you step back a few feet and cross your eyes at just the right moment, the image begins to appear.  Yea, it's almost like one of those "Magic Eye" pictures... almost.  :)  And, because they are grainy, off-color, and pretty poorly composed, they can ::almost:: qualify as high art!  There's a whole sect of photographers out there who spend their time devoting themselves to photos just like these, and every now and then, what can I say, I'm lucky enough to capture one.  Or two!

Sophie- taken in the midst of a position change...
it reminds me of a holga double-exposure.

Cornbread vs. the tiny spider.  All up-close & personal and such. 
The dark shadows are nice!

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