Thursday, May 26, 2011


::I've got a lovely bunch of {tomatoes}... dee da la dee::

Today is Thursday.  The end of my work week, the beginning of my four day weekend, and a good day overall!

We spent the afternoon outside, chatting and enjoying the weather.
And then the storm hit... lightning, thunder, rain, and hail.
We ordered Chinese right in the midst of it all, and as a result of the power going out, we got to eat dinner in the dark.  The only light muted through the sliding door window, the weather making clarity a problem.
I was fretting for my poor plants.  The last time I checked, the majority seemed to be doing okay, but the squash and cucumber looked all disheveled, and one of the tomato branches was touching the floor.  I will be doing some damage control in the morning.  :)
And after dinner, the power was still out so we all congregated in the living room.  I read a few pages in my book and then decided to nap.  I think it was about an hour later when the power came back on - but I still slept, until about 9.  Then we watched CSI (the one with Justin Beiber), and I've been sitting on the computer ever since. 

It should be another busy, but good weekend!
I hope everyone stayed safe during the storm tonight, and has a good Friday!

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