Saturday, May 28, 2011

VFW Bingo

We headed to the local VFW for some official Bingo fun this evening.
It's been awhile since Garay and I have been, and Kait and Laura hadn't yet, so it was bound to be fun!  We also ran into Lorrie and Michael and got to converse and hang out with them for the evening.  It was nice!  Good times with great friends!

Ink Daubers... available in a rainbow of colors!
The saving graces:
Ink daubers are awesome fun!
Free spaces ::make:: this game!
Cash prizes make everything more exciting!
Skill levels aren't relevant... bingo is more of a luck thing.

Yikes!  lol
With that being said, however, intensity is apparent.  As newbies to the sport, we went in empty-handed prepared to buy our books, daubers, and refreshments.  Little did we know, some people come prepared with bingo bags filled with daubers in every color, tape, food and drink, magazines, and even music/ white-noise tracks/ etc.  Next time, I'm thinking we will definitely bring our daubers, some tape would come in handy for sure, and a cute little picnic would top it all off.  Yea, I might even bring in a checkered tablecloth...  ;)

It was fun though!  The daubers made "bingo" super easy and the whole layout of the games is very organized.  There were 7 games total with cash prizes ranging from $70 to $140, and a grand prize of $900.  And although no one in our little group  won, Gary was 1 number away from getting "bingo" during the jackpot around.  But as soon as the room starts filling in chatter andd less-than-muted whispers, you get the sense that the game is over, someone has won, and it was just before you were going to have the chance to acheive glory. 

Oh well, there's always next time!  :) 
It was a nice "different" activity. 
It was relatively inexpensive.
It provided a great time for us to sit and hang.
We got to laugh.
It was strangely intense.
And it was fun!

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