Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Tonight was lovely!  Between the not having the television on all night, the toodleling in the garden, and the chilling with the hubby, I feel relaxed and happy and ready for the weekend (since we're already halfway there). 
I'm a big advocate for the 'silence is golden' movement.  I would rather the tv not be on, and me have to focus on real things, than for the tv to be on and me be distracted.  It's pretty much a given that I will be distracted by ::anything:: that's on tv, so I relish the opportunities when it's not on.
I got to "toodle" in my garden tonight.  I decided to de-clutter some of the underbrush areas from around the tomato and pepper plants.  And so I did.  I even discovered more tomatoes in the process!  So far, I think I've found tiny tomatoes on almost all of the tomato plants.  The red pepper plant still has some blooms, and I think I see the beginning of a squash!  Yes, things are going well!

German Queen.  She loves the sun!
And it's been a lovely evening with the hubby.  We got all of the addresses changed over and are enjoying hanging out currently.
So far, not a bad way to start the week!  ;)

Oh, and did I mention that the cats are ::literally:: climbing the walls, er windows.  It's really not fair to them because we have the light on in the bedroom, and the windows to the outside are pitch black because it's night.  And that means that our windows are attracting the moths and other small flying bugs that want to get to the light bulb.  So Pickles and Cornbread, newbies to the whole encountering bugs thing, are trying to climb the window to talk to them.  And by talk, I literally mean talk.  Pickles, especially, is reaching up as far as she can and then letting  out a light little meow.  It's almost as if she is asking them to come down closer so that she can "pet" them.  :)

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