Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The parking lot/ loading area behind work is a big, flat slab of asphalt that, over the years, has developed deep cracks and crevices... and today, all of the cracks were filled with the whirleybird/ helicopter leaf/ seedling things that fall from trees.  We are not quite sure how they ended up in the cracks, all with their seeds facing down, and feathery-leaflike-wings sticking straight up, but it sure made for an interesting picture.
It really is neat the way that they are all face down in the crack.  It's so weird.  I guess the wind was blowing them all around, and then they all got caught on the crevices and eventually got stuck.  All crammed in there.  It's cute, really.  And special.  And we needed this "special" today.

I like to imagine they were playing a game of "not it" and that every single whirleybird had to cram itself in the crack before [some oddity in time], or else they would be "it".  Considering the amount of these things that we saw in this small area, I feel bad for the one that didn't quite make it in time.  I picture it out in the middle of the asphalt, all alone... All of the other whirlybirds are snickering and pointing and laughing, and it just sits there and sighs. 
But then, another little whirlybird comes floating down from the sky dancing and twirling in the wind, and falling gracefully, and it lands right next to the alone one, right in the middle of the asphalt, and the alone one suddenly isn't alone anymore.  And then they sit there together.  And they think of another game to play.  Something where the group with the smallest number of players wins.

Or maybe they just go up to the crevice and cannonball into the middle of all of the other whirlybirds and they all spend the rest of the afternoon laughing together and telling funny jokes. 

Yea, that'd work.  :)

(I can't even ::pretend:: to have a story ending badly... I too much of a sucker for happy endings I suppose.)

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