Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Flys are Planeing!

Oh goodness... what happens at the end of a long week, when you get three friends together, and we all try to catch up, whilst talking really fast, driving to dinner, and laughing at anything...?

Words mix up, and "the planes are flying" becomes "the flys are planeing"!

I had a great time tonight with my friends!  It's been a great week overall, and tonight was the icing on the cake!  I'm looking forward to more weeks like this, and I'm pretty sure this impromptu Girl's Night needs to happen on a monthly basis, at the very least!  That way we can plan the wedding, talk about boys, have a good meal, explore parts of the city never explored before, and talk about the planes, and how they fly... and land.  And then we can exchange random gifts, and watch the fish swim, and talk about planting things... and blogging.  :)

Seriously, such a good night!
I'm looking forward to the next!

Bright light for a bright day. 

Factory.  Shack.  Puddle.

Driving home.

Abandonment issues.  This building has it.

Repetition is key!

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Kaitlin said...

HEHEHE it was a fab night indeed!