Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I guess it's pretty much the same for all mammals... curiosity will get the best of us.  It's like leaving an open box in the middle of an empty room and asking a person not to go look at it.  Even if you were left in the room by yourself, and no one was watching, odds are, you would walk up to that box and look inside of it. 

Well, for cats, curiosity is like their nemesis, and as the saying goes, "curiosity got the cat".  Goodness forbid there be a glass of anything lying around - the glass is now the portal of something, that to a cat, has to be unbelievably interesting and impossible to resist.  Today, it was glass of water.  Tomorrow, an empty cardboard box, and the next day, the shoelace poking out from under the closet door.  To the cat, it is the fresh liquid that must be knocked over and savored, the box that will disguise and provide the perfect jumping-out point to scare others, and the silly rope that daringly taunts from under the door.

We all like to know what's going on around us, and will explore our surroundings in order to have that sense of knowledge.  We are like cats in that sense, except we can't possibly be that much fun to watch...  lol.  Watching them play has got to be one of the most simple pleasures that a person can have, and I delight in being able to watch them often!

Cornbread sticking his head into the cup and trying to reach the water...

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