Monday, April 25, 2011


... bumps happen.  They come out of nowhere, and gently jolt your world.  So much in fact that what you were doing or looking at, doesn't seem to resemble anything that you had started with.  It messes things up, shakes it up a bit, and then leaves them like that - barely even trying to put things back the way they found it.

And you can either erase the image and try again, or embrace it...
See the bump as an event that "happened" and not one that will define a "happening".
It's just a bump in the road... not the end of it.

This is supposed to be a picture of a plantation house.  Well, it is a picture... it's just blurry and cross-hatched and such.  If you stand back far enough, squint your eyes, and use a little bit of imagination, you may just be able to see it!  :)

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