Thursday, September 15, 2011


Tonight we are seeing Wicked!  I am so excited - I've been waiting to see this show for years!  One of my good friends from college gave me the book and soundtrack for Christmas one year and the rest is history...  :)  The book was good, but the soundtrack is great, and I think that the show is going to be amazing!  I've been singing little snippetts from songs all week, and even have Gary humming along.  :)  He's looking forward to it too - but I think one of his reasons is to see how it compares to what Glee did with some of the songs.  lol.  He says that he hopes the show is better - he has this dislike for Glee that I can't understand but will sit there and watch it with me because I love it so!  I think we are both going to love it!

Many thanks to Madre for the tickets!  :)
I hope that everyone has a great night!  Love!


So the show was amazing!  Seriously one of the best things I have ever seen!  The set was great, the costumes were absolutely fabulous, and the cast were better than expected!  I was glad I was familiar with the music - it made the show all that much more enjoyable.  And although this was rather concise compared to the book, I think it actually did a great job of making connections and explaining exactly what was going on in the Land of Oz!  I highly recommend it... you will love it!!  ;)

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