Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Part 3

He sat in the study.  He was so frustrated that she had gotten so close.  He had spent years listening to the stories and tracking down the house.  And it had almost taken him that long to earn their trust as well.  Turns out, it was more than easy enough to solicit a job opportunity from the couple living there.  All he had to do was some light housework, cooking, and general "help" around the house, and he had access.  And a key. 

What he didn't expect was the daughter,  and her curiosity.  Pretending like he spoke very little English had allowed him to disappear into the background, while being relatively privy to their conversations.  And for the most part, he had done so.  He knew that she was getting curious, but quite frankly, how could she not be?  She was here when the chest was moved in.  He knew that she was aware of the stories.  And he knew that she had found the key - it was missing from the spot in the third drawer of the armoire.  So he knew that it wouldn't take her long to venture upstairs.

And she did.
And he was there that night, waiting.
And as soon as the door was opened, that was his time to act.  He swept up behind her, knocked her out, stole the key, and locked the door back.  He pocketed the key, carried her down to her room, laid her in her bed, shut the door, and went back out into the great room.  And with that, he ran back upstairs, opened the door, stepped inside, and turned on the light.

He had work to do, and not a lot of time to do it.


Glue Dot Skin
Happy Wednesday!
Today flew by... we had a sit-and-do project this morning that took a few hours that felt like a few minutes.  Twas nice!  And then it was harmless banter and conversation  to speed the rest of the day along.  All-in-all, it was good day!  I watched Gnomeo and Juliet, and found it very cute!  And quirky, random, funny.  This might have to be one for the library.  We had spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad for dinner.  And then we watched ABC. 
The Middle
Modern Family
Happy Endings
Good shows this evening!  Lots of chuckles!
And now it's bedtime!  Whew!  :)
Tomorrow is my Friday.
Hope yall all have a great one!!

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