Friday, September 16, 2011

High Cotton

I imagine the discussion that led to the naming of this restaurant was a good one.  I imagine that they were all sitting around a table trying to figure out a way to convey southern and fancy in a way that would fit right in with the already distinct Charleston foodie scene.  I imagine that they thought of cotton as a somewhat apparent Southern icon, so that stuck.  And I imagine that when they thought of fancy, an image of High Tea appeared, and they liked it, but they took out the "tea" part and added Cotton to the end of it, and so the name High Cotton was born.  I like it quite frankly.  ;)

We were recommended to this swanky place from a woman across the street in a neat store.  She said that the food was great, reservations were hard to come by on a same-day basis, but that the lounge was just a good and relished in the ability to serve the full menu.  She was right!  The food was amazing, the reservations were all taken, and our quaint little table in the corner of the lounge was just perfect for our needs!  We ate great food, got to dine and listen to some live music, and had a great evening and first impression of the Charleston food scene!

We had:
Curry Carrot Bisque with lump crab and cilantro
Crispy Pork Belly with poached green egg, bib lettuce, tomato puree, and brioche
Scallops and Clams with fingerling potatoes, arugula, and a lemon saffron sauce
Bone-in Pork Chop with cornmeal fried okra, greens, and a ham hock jus

All of the food was amazing... a nice twist on traditional Southern!  The Pork Belly was by far our favorite!!  We decided we either need to learn to make it, or find someone in Atlanta who does because gosh, it's amazing! 

I hope you had a great Friday!
Love to all!

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