Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hasselback Potato

I stumbled across a picture of a weird-cut potato recently.  It looked crispy, and golden, and yummy altogether, so I dug around some more and figured it out.  It's called the Hasselback Potato and it's cut almost all the way through, laced with garlic, drizzled with butter and evoo, and then dashed with salt and pepper, and baked.  The end result is a fun looking, crispy, and tender side dish that I was "wowed" by. 

Well I had some colorful fingerling potatoes and i decided to try this little trick out on them, modified of course.  :)  I sliced up each one as directed, put them in a dish and coated them with olive oil, and then used most of a packet of lipton soup mix to add some flavor.  I stirred them all up using my hands, put them in the dish, and then stuck them in the oven for about 45 minutes until they were done.  They turned out great, and are super fun and easy! 

Cut thin.

A bushel of em.

Coat with evoo and onion soup mix - or follow other recipe.

Bake and enjoy!

I will definitely be trying this out on baking potatoes soon, but really enjoyed the little fingerlings!

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