Sunday, September 4, 2011

24-hr Synopsis


Southern Fried Sideshow
Absolutely fantastic!  At The Five Spot in Little Five Points.  Great show!  Saw amazing things.  Dined at Front Page News before hand and loved it!  It's like NoLa in ATL.  :)  Had a drink.  Saw sword-swallowing, glass walking, and weight-supported-by-nose-swinging.  Perfect venue for it too! 

Outside of Venue
Sideways picture of wall mural...

Dreamt about trying to get a tattoo.  Gary got mad at me because I didn't tell him I was going.  Kept getting tied up with other things, and had trouble getting upstairs to the parlor.  First tried climbing up this small tube tunnel.  Didn't work.  Second had to try to climb these silver rods - I apparently thought this would be easier than taking the stairs?.  Once I did finally get up, they were getting ready to close, and the guy didn't have time to fit me in.  (Details are fuzzy, but that's the gist.)

La Madeleine
Brunch with Madre.  Good to sit and chat!  Nice atmosphere, loved the food.  Makes me want to go back to France really bad. 

Continuing our "France Day" by shopping!  We both found some great things!  Checked out the Borders at the Avenue.  Sad too see it's closing, but reaping the rewards of the liquidation.  Got some good books!  Continued to the mall, and then to Publix.

Crepe Revolution
Madre, Gary, and I.  Again, good food and keeping with the France theme.  Waiter was nice and chatted for a bit about Labor Day plans.  Smoked Salmon and Dill crepe was amazing!  Decided we will come back one day and look at these condos.  They are amazing!  It was be great to live in a place like this - will consider this for the future.  :)

It came back today!  Nice and overcast all day long, with a steady rain finally hitting before dusk.  Love it!

Source Code and Cupcakes
Really good movie - better than I expected!  I'd highly recommend it!  Desserted on cupcakes that I picked up from North Point (Yummy! Piece of Flour).  Very cute and "yummy"!

Computer Time
Time to catch up on facebook and pinterest.  Twas good to see some pictures from yesterday's event!

Wonder what tonight's dreams will hold - they've been nice and vivid for the last few days... just need to get them written down so I can remember them.

I've had a great 24 hours!
(And we looked cute to boot!) 

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