Saturday, September 17, 2011

Charleston Area Top 5

1. Saturday morning farmer's market.
We just happened to stumble upon this one as we were walking downtown.  Very similar to the Marietta Market but better, in my opinion!  Lots of local vendors selling anything from fruits and veggies to dog leashes, wood tables, handmade bags, and food.  More like a mixture of the farmers market and your favorite fall festival... especially in weather like this.  There was even a "King of Pops" vendor selling weird-flavored popsicles.  We'd seen them in Atlanta but had yet to try them, and today just seemed like the right  day to do so.  Gary got the chocolate and sea salt, and I got the sweet corn.  Both were very good and very different!  It was ::interesting:: eating a popsicle with bits of corn throughout - I'd recommend it!

 2. Historic Downtown Exploring and Shopping
I figured there'd be shopping, but I didn't know exactly what kind.  Most "historic cities" that I have visited are littered with souvenir shops and touristy-traps.  Here, there were actual "stores"... It was nice - similar to NYC but with a French feel (for some reason) and a historic flair.  You could tell you weren't in a big city, but if you wanted to spend money like you were, you were more than welcome!  We found some great places to shop, but these were some of our favorite, especially the Robot Candy Company!  It was so much fun to walk around and see everything from the old architecture, to the modern shopping, to the street vendors, to the carriage tours.  Very bustling, energetic, and yet chill.  Another great thing are the fountains.  I like seeing fountains in a city - they bring a sense of whimsy and youthfulness that makes just about everyone smile and gravitate towards it. 

3. The bridge between Charleston and Mt.Pleasant
Bridges are awesome, and I have always  loved them!  This one is super cool.  It's cables are a white color that tend to blend in with the sky (as shown in the picture below).  The only time we really caught them on camera was when we went over the bridge itself.  Gary got this great shot!  And since the area is made up of peninsulas and islands, you are pretty much guaranteed to cross one at some point - especially if you want to go find the ocean, which we did.

4. Sullivan's Island and Fort Moultrie
We wanted to see some history without paying a whole lot of money to take a ferry to Ft. Sumter, so we drove (over the cool bridge) to Sullivan's Island to see Ft. Moultrie.  We got there right when it closed so we only got to see the outskirts of the fort but it was still neat!  There were cannons and markers to read, and the actual fort and battery and we had a nice time taking the history in!  And then we took a stroll along the beach.  Sullivan's Island is very pretty with lots of rocks/ boulders to walk on and land to look towards.  I love seeing water... it's so good for the soul!

5. Folly Beach on James Island
We came here because we were determined to find a place eat on the water.  We landed on Folly Beach, and have since decided that this is deifnitely a place that could use another visit.  This is very much a beach town, on a smaller scale.  There appears to be just a few hotels to choose from - more  rental houses - and a really nice beach to enjoy.  We dined at Locklear's, which is right on the pier.  It was good!  And by the time we got to walk the pier, it was pitch black.  It's interesting walking to the end of a pier at night and then peering out into the ocean, not being able to see anything.  It was nice to be able to turn around and see lights.  :)

That's how we spent our day.  It was great!  It never rained, was almost chilly at some points, and was filled with laughter, smiles, and memories made.  All we can ask for, quite honestly!
Love to all!

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