Saturday, September 3, 2011


So if we never had anything to save for in the past (yea right...), we now might have something to save for for the future!  Like way in the future - like after the kids have left, and we have retired, and need a new way to spend money in the future.  Maybe by then we could really do this!

We found ourselves at the Harley dealership up in Cartersville today.  The benefit ride for Cruise was happening, and after all of the bikers left, we took our time and made our way inside to look at all of the fun stuff.  And, of course, we couldn't help but check out the bikes.  And we found a few that we liked!  My favorite was of the tricycle variety.  It wasn't all decked out and super chunky looking, and had a vintage feel that I loved!  There's even a trunk on the back that would be great for carrying home groceries, going camping, or going cross country!  That would be such an experience, and that is the end goal now, I suppose!  :)


The ride went well!  There was a good turnout and lots of fellowship among friends!
All of the goodies were raffled off, and some were traded, and in the end, everyone walked away with a smile!  It was a great time for a great cause!  Cruise and family, we are praying for you daily, and are sending love and good tidings your way!!

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