Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today felt too much like Spring

... to be in the middle of winter.

The sun was out all day, highs in the low 70s, people out and about, parks packed, and smiles everywhere!  
We decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather, and headed over to Roswell's Riverside Park.  This is probably my favorite park ever!  It has great paved trails, history, playgrounds, and big fields for throwing a ball around or screening movies during the summer.

The main trail goes on for a few miles along Riverside Rd (from Willeo to the Riverside Rd extension), and goes underneath the big Atlanta Rd bridge that crosses the Chattahoochee.  The bridge has always fascinated me.  You see, from the top, it's just a bridge.  A bridge is a bridge is a bridge, quite frankly.  But once you go underneath it, you can actually see that it was created in two different time periods.  The newer bridge is on the left, and the older on the right. 

I love it!
The tranquility of the water flowing under the bridge, the colors of the stone mixed with the green of the moss/ mold, stark against the mud and rocks below.  The sounds of the traffic ahead and the patter of feet behind as the pass by, and the ducks barking (?).  The light coming through the crack between the two bridges, and reflecting off the water.  Everything comes together here, and it's awesome.

For whatever reason, this has always seemed so symbolic.  The old converging with the new, everything mixing and mingling, and coexisting as one.  It's special, and yet ordinary, and tends to go unnoticed in today's society.  However, the first time I stumbled upon it, I was transfixed, and have come back to this spot many times, still transfixed. 

It was so nice to spend some time outside today!  We reveled in soaking up the sun, and took advantage of our ability to see our own shadows... I dare say we were like groundhogs testing for spring, a few days early.  lol.  It was fun though.  We got to take up the sidewalk, posing, while bikes flew by and families strolled. 

We then made it over to the Studio Movie Grill, being in Roswell and all.  We saw "The King's Speech", which was very good by the way! 
The plot was intriguing and liberating.  Colin Firth was excellent!  He really pulled off the role very well, and Geoffrey Rush was great!  He provided a necessary amount of comic relief and succeeded as the supporting actor.  It would not have been a movie without him!  All in all, I appreciated the entire series of circumstances and necessitations vital to the film and respect it's nominations as "best picture". 

I admit the need to see the remaining nominees though, so that I can be educated and fit to approve or disprove of the final winners.
Best Picture

“Black Swan” - Saw it, loved it!  Best picture though??
“The Fighter”  - I've little interest in seeing this one...
“Inception” - Saw it and loved it as well!  This would be my pick so far!
“The Kids Are All Right” - Want to see it!
“The King's Speech” - Saw it, and thought it was good. 
“127 Hours” - Want to see it!
“The Social Network” - Mildly interested in seeing this one...
“Toy Story 3” - I'm afraid of a teary ending... haven't seen it yet.
“True Grit” - Eh, I'll see it... I'm not usually one for westerns though.
“Winter's Bone" - I've never heard of this one.  :)

So, I've seen 3 of 10.  I better get busy.  lol.

Taking advantage of another shadow-y moment.

Adieu until next time.  Best of dreams to all!


Kaitlin said...

I personally did NOT like the kids are alright...

perfancynancy said...

Why not? It looked like an interesting enough movie...