Thursday, January 27, 2011

Red sky in morning...

Sailor take warning...

Usually an omen of bad weather to come, a red sky in the morning denotes rain, storms, and gloom.
But today, it was simply glorious!
A gorgeous sunrise followed by sun all day long, and temperatures in the 50s.

I hear this weekend is supposed to be amazing as well!

I'm gonna go ahead and believe it.

I'm not quite sure why, but we have some of the most amazing sunrises, while at work.
Maybe it's the fact that we are up early enough to see them, or maybe it's the direction that we're facing and the light refracting through the pollution, but as we see the pinks and oranges breaking through the trees, we stop and stare.

Or run outside and snap a picture.

Did I mention that today was distracting?
The last day of the work week, and it was almost as if we'd nothing better to do than watch the sunrise, eat donuts, and look through old pictures we had in our purses.
But we managed to get everything done, and have made it to the weekend!

Reminder:  It's going to be gorgeous!

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