Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shading au naturel..

Today was one of those days where I was at work, and I had a feeling that I wasn't going to be ::feeling:: like taking a picture later.  I think I might have an ear infection, and I'm stuffy - in a dry, congested sort of way.  I've been busy, and quiet today, with lots of time to create and observe, and listen...
Yea, sometimes you just don't feel it.  And I wasn't earlier.

But then I got to spend some time with the girls.  I'm sorry, but the end of the day where we are all rushing to get gifts out, are awesome.  And lovely!  And full of laughter and energy.

Needlesstosay, my aspirations and energy drive kicked into gear, and things started looking better.
So, I took my camera out on my drive home, and started clicking.  At first, I was just getting pictures of cars, traffic, and overhead bridges (my goal being to get a nice reflection out of the side-view mirror).

And as I get closer to home, I find myself beginning to settle.  Or even worse, considering pulling over to the side of the road, and trying one sans driving.  lol

But then, magic happened.

I caught the reflection of a burst of light so bright that the sky outside of my side view window was dramatically darker than the reflection itself.  And my camera captured it.  Aside from the dirt smudges, the sun shines through the clouds, and the edges are shaded perfectly.  The colors mingle and chat, and converse to another level.  It's dark, it's moody, but it's also hopeful.  And for some reason, the random library sign on the left adds another element.  It doesn't detract, it interests...

And when I got home, with amazing picture in hand, I couldn't wait to show Gary and share it!  :)


My original title for today's blog was:
Introspection is key!
Unless retrospection is involved...

But I then realized that it was a bit too deep for my current mood.
I consider myself very introspective, and with everything that I take in on a daily basis, how couldn't I be, quite frankly?

But anyways, like I said, I don't feel like going there today.  :)

Gary's making dinner tonight: Honey Mustard Chicken!  Woot!
I'm currently listening to Glee, and then I'm going to catch up on last week's Modern Family (because last week I crashed on the couch.)
And then we're going to Dairy Queen for a treat! 
And then the new Modern Family comes on, and then it's time for bed!

The clouds are spectacular today!
You should take a second, go outside, and admire them!

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