Monday, January 24, 2011

Re-creating the wheel... in a manner of speaking.

I have always loved photography.
But my appreciation for it really expanded when I was a Senior in High School.  I took a Photography I class, and low-and-behold, not only did we learn about the history of photography, but we actually built our own pinhole camera, took "artistic" photos, and developed them in the dark room.  Definitely one of my favorite classes ever!!

During the semester, we studied photography through lines, shape, perspective, cast shadow, texture, surrealism, and machine.  We also did a self-portrait, and I also included a section on "my poltergeist" (I had had a few apparitions in some of my pictures, that couldn't be passed by.  Some of these pictures are still my favorites today, and the ability to create [a pinhole camera], and then create [photography], and then create [meaning from pictures], and lastly create [a portfolio] was amazing!

It obviously left an impression.  :)

So anyways, today when I was thinking about my photo for today, I thought about trying to re-create one of my favorite shots with the help of my digital camera, and photo editing software.

And although the result is close and similar, I must admit that digital photography isn't near as sexy and ethereal.  But sometimes, convenience is key... and it can still lead to some cool shots.

Pinhole Camera (Shape study) - Spring 2002

Digital camera + photo editing software - Winter 2011

Comparing the two, it's obvious to see that the richness and variety of tones and deep contrast that you get with the pinhole camera is unmatched.  But, with the right amount of contrast and brightness, and the reduction of the saturation of the color, the tones and contrast can be mimicked.

Overall though, you just can't beat the real thing.  :)

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