Friday, January 21, 2011

Mi Madre's Violet

Slept great last night!
Had some crazy dreams (been dreaming fairly regularly lately)...
It was one of those where there was a re-occurring element.
The re-occurring element was a fun house, in the middle of the city, in an "official" looking building.
You start at the bottom level and have to work your way up.
The last time I was there, I was with Gary, and we went to the left room.
Today, I was there with my mom, and we went to the right.
It was this room that looked like something from a daycare, with really small furniture, and a father and child pair.  I do not recall the purpose of this "fun" room.
At some point, I believe we had ventured to other rooms and levels (and I vaguely recall going through the room that Gary and I had been in), and I ran into this girl who recognized me from Preschool.  I didn't recognize her (and I could tell that she was a little perturbed at that), but was so convinced by her certainty that I fell back in step with her, while my mom and a friend from work, went on up ahead to the presentation.
This girl and I got there a little late, and when we did, we entered the presentation hall (think college auditorium classroom - stadium seating, bright lights, the feel of a library), and we sat across the aisle from my mom and friend.  They were on the left, and we were on the right.
There was also some detail about food, but I can't recall it now.

At any rate, I spent the day with my mom.
And I took this picture of her violet.  It lives above the kitchen sink in the windowsill.
It makes me happy that it blooms in the winter.  :)

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