Friday, January 28, 2011

::sweet:: dreams

First, let me preface this by saying that I love edible items that come with pieces of wisdom. Namely, fortune cookies, Snapple teas, and Dove chocolates. :) Not only do you get a tasty treat or drink, but you get another reason to smile as you are reminded that something good is going to be happening, or that you are amazing, or random insertion about living up to the best quality of life.
Insert Dove chocolate label. The "sweet" of the sweet dreams.

Smile before bed.  You'll sleep better.
Good advice, I thought.  And so, as I was drifting off into dreamland, I smiled. Nothing cheesy, just thinking about happy things... it's natural really. Well, I fell asleep right away, and dreamt! My mind was busy and full of dreams, expansive dreams with lots of stuff going on, and bright colors (all of which I can't recall at the moment, much to my demise). I woke up fairly lucid when the alarm went off and Gary left for work, and was able to snap right back into a dream. Later, when I finally woke up and got out of bed, I felt rested and relaxed.

Which is great, because I have a lot to accomplish today!

… … …

Too bad I'm easily distracted.

And too bad my computer is working, and all my favorite sites are up, and I've two kitties to watch, and I now have iTunes going in the background.

Otherwise, I might actually be productive.

Yup, too bad. :p

(insert random pictures of Pickles and Cornbread taken over an hour period...)


Cornbread goes wherever the human is.  Thus his appearance when I started giving Pickles attention.

Pickles wants to help me be productive, no doubt.

Let the bathtime begin!  (I'd guess the 4th of 23 today.)

Classic Pickles!  lol

::love:: this.

Note:  Cornbread has fully taken over the chair now, and Pickles is somewhere else sulking.

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