Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Pretty bows!  They're a blessing and a curse... ;)
Today was good.  I've come to the realization that just as pink is the new orange (or something like that), Tuesday is the new Monday.  Monday has become a "good" day where you get to catch-up on the weekend, and prepare yourself for a new week.  Most often not all too challenging, Monday is exciting, and I dare say, fresh.

Tuesday is not so much.  The novelty of the new week has already worn off, and all of the problems that were too much for Monday, occur on Tuesday now.  Maybe not problems, so much as issues, "challenges", and new diversions.

So when did Monday grow up, and Tuesday become... the new Monday?

Anywho, my resolution continues.
I make bows at work.  Gorgeous bows!  I am a bow master, in a manner of speaking.
It's a blessing.
And it's a curse.

And it's Tuesday!  :)

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