Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sporty Spice in another life.

::Spice Girls plays in the background (about 12 years ago...)::

We'll call this one "Self-portrait sans face".

So today I decided that on days like ::today::, I quite possibly could've been "Sporty Spice" in another life.
I'm so comfortable wearing maroon tights, with a jean mini, and a hoodie.  While kickin' it in my Vans flats, and topping the whole outfit off with a ridiculous necklace.  Yea, minus the whole singing and dancing, and WAY-IN-YOUR-FACE personality, I would've fit right in.

And then, I would've been married to David Beckham.

But then, the bubble was burst.

Gary informed me the Mr. Beckham was married to the "Posh" Spice (Mrs. Victoria Beckham), and that "Sporty" Spice was the raspy one...

Raspy, eh?
Not in this lifetime thankyouverymuch!
Mr. Beckham?
Psssh, Mr. Gary IS my Mr. Beckham!
"Sporty Spice"-esque outfit?

At least, some days.

Today was nasty by the way.  Rainy, cold, and yuck.
And it was a Tuesday...
But in terms of "tuesdays", it was a lovely one indeed!

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