Monday, March 31, 2008


I sat up way to fast this morning, after waking up, and have had a dizzy spell that has lasted all day now. It's a bit better though tonight, and hopefully will not be there tomorrow. It has kept me pretty much stationary all day long, which has helped me stay focused on things that I am supposed to be doing (like studying for my Soci test)...

And that I did. I got my notecards done, and I'm in the process of reading the few remaining articles, and its just a matter of general review that I will have to do tomorrow morning, which is nice.

I also took some time to :lolly-gag: around. I looked through all of the pictures on my computer (one of my favorites is posted above), did some wedding research, found a really good deal on something that I was looking for, and googled over all of the ways that I could spend my money. (But I can't spend money right now... not yet at least).
And I got some stamps so I can send out my Graduation Announcements (Yay!) and some cash so that I can pay for parking... always a good thing! lol

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