Saturday, March 29, 2008

::stomach grumbles::

I just finished the GACE! I think I actually might have passed, and I am interested to see what the results will be! I hope I passed!

I'm quite sick of working my silly little part-time jobs and really want something steady, nicely paid, and interesting. My current positions just don't do it for me anymore. But I figure I graduate in May. And I found out the results for the GACE at the end of April. Everything has the potential of falling into place quite nicely... if it wants to.

But I'm glad its over for now! I want lunch (went to breakfast at Ihopat 6:30 this morning because we had to report to Pope by 7:45. And then I was done witht the test by 10:30ish), and to work on my homework and studying, and creating crafts for PMO. And maybe a little fun every now and then.


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a star* in the margin said...

OOOH! I know you did amazingly well on the test, Nancy!