Thursday, March 27, 2008

non-coffee high

So... I'm taking the certification test of Saturday morning, and now it's starting to kick in that it would be a very good thing for me to pass so that I could have some sort of job prospect coming up in the near future. I got the exam prep book, and I've been going through that, but I hope that I do alright! I'm a bit nervous. It's kinda like taking the SAT and it's even at a high school, and it's at 7:45 in the morning. lol.

I want to go into a word document and make an outline of all the "important" terms from the book so that I can have a last minute prep guide, but I'm running out of time quickly. I have the rest of this morning, possibly tonight, tomorrow afternoon, and then the test is on Saturday. lol. And I want to make sure I'm adequately studied up before I take the practice test in the back of the prep book.

But anywho, after the test (which I will pass!), I'm going to be addressing my graduation announcements to send out to family. ::I need to get stamps::. I can't believe I graduate in May, and school will be over by the end of April! Eeep! hehe. And by that point, I should know the results of the test.

After school gets out, we're gonna get down to business. I can't wait to start looking for houses, and trying to figure out where we are going to start our lives. And I will need to get a job secured so that we will be able to afford such house. And we need to get all of the wedding stuff wrapped up and all in a nice, neat package. lol. Yeah right... I'm going to be working right up till the day to get everything ready. But that's kinda the way I like it anyways.

I'm surprisingly hyper and aware despite the lack of coffee and loom of important things that I should be doing right now...

Oh, and gosh is my April going to be busy! lol. The first weekend, Gary, Laura, Aaron, Justin, Katie, and I are going to Huntsville, AL to see Stomp (for Laura's birthday), so we'll be gone Saturday and Sunday. The next weekend (the 12th) the Renaissance Festival starts, and we definitely want to go! I want to see about getting a corset (if it's not toooo overpriced). The 17th through the 20th, Gary and I are driving down to Miami (yes, driving... 11 hours worth, overnight...) to visit with his friends and family, and for him to show me around where he grew up and the sights and all that jazz. The last weekend we have another meeting at PCC, but it's with the Marriage Counselor to go over the results of our temperment exam. That should be interesting indeed! And I'll be writing a 8 to 10 page research paper, a reading review, preparing for my last tests, and reading another novel, all in the process. lol.

Wish me luck!! :)

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