Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dreams for a Sunday

I got a job at Starbucks! There was this other barista guy there, and I think it was my first day... or something. Anyways, we kept flirting back and forth and he was really nice! At some point, I was standing in front of the computer, and he was behind me and he put his arms around me. And then we almost kissed, but I was like "no, I'm engaged", so we stopped just before our lips touched. But then I was like, "but wait... you can go out on a date with my sister." lol!

It was an interesting dream, and then I met up with Gary in Atlanta, where I yet again was looking for my car and parking. It seems I have a lot of dreams about parking decks, and parking, and Atlanta. It's not the Atlanta we all know and love though, no. It's expansive and got big areas of just land with the city just to the side. It's always interesting.

I'm guessing the dreams came from my intense emotions from yesterday. I was pretty up and down. I felt better waking up though.

... the first kiss of the day is always nice!

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