Monday, September 21, 2015


I finished it.  Book 3 of the Luke Fletcher series was over and with it came the sadness of knowing that I would have to find another book to feed my mind, or maybe I would just have to re-read the series.  I will definitely do that but I'll take some time to digest it first.

It's interesting the way a book can stir emotions.  I've read and re-read 50 Shades about 4 times now and in the middle of the series, I enter into some sort of depression because of how great their love is for each other.  It's weird and I usually end up taking it out on my poor husband.  By the end of the books though, I am usually acting better.  I am much more relieved by a happy ending and can appreciate that their lives will be good forever.  And while I doubt he'll ever read 50 Shades, I would tell him little bit and pieces that seemed worthy. 

This series affected me differently.  For one, I wanted to tell him as any details as I could get out in order as possible.  I know I missed some, but I think he got the gist.  I suppose I'll tell him the ending tomorrow.  On the other hand, while their love is also great and equally intense, it didn't spiral me down into oblivion for a minute.  I found glee and giddiness that quite frankly, kinda shocked me.  I am pleased to find another book series that took a hold of me like this.  For the whole weekend, I was wrapped up in their lives and completely taken by their circumstance.  It was lovely.  And I was quite smitten.  And tonight, as I finished it, there was a sense of calm and completeness.  And I wanted to be with my husband and hold him and connect with him.  It was a good thing!

So now I am off to my next venture.  I have tweeted the author (Karice Bolton) asking about recommendations for what to read next and will see what comes.  Maybe it's time to read the Sylvia Day series again and finally get into that 4th book.


I'm off to watch Castle with my love as we eat our bowls of cereal and snuggle on the loveseat. 

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